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Custom Designed Receivable Solutions

Maximize Your Financial Results
While Ensuring Patient Satisfaction

Over 20 Years of Successful Client Partnerships

Services & Solutions

Designed Receivable Solutions was created to provide cash flow and A/R solutions to healthcare providers while ensuring the highest level of patient and physician satisfaction.

We offer several stages of early and late recovery solutions that are tailor made to facilitate the specific needs of our clients throughout their A/R cycle. Each of these solutions utilizes a dedicated team that is trained to specialize in each of these areas:

  •  Early-Out Self-Pay Program 

  •  Third-Party Pre-Collect Recovery

  •  Primary Bad Debt Collections 

  •  Secondary Bad Debt Collections 

  •  Special Projects & Consultations

At DRSI, our business is 100% focused on healthcare. We provide custom designed solutions for all sizes & types of healthcare businesses, from neighborhood practices to major metropolitan hospitals and chains across the country. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of each client, incorporating one or any combination of our solutions. Contact us today to get started.


Our Early-Out Self-Pay Program provides outsourced business office services specifically targeted to large volumes of self-pay and self-pay after insurance accounts. This allows your staff to focus on larger balance accounts and more complex claims. We emulate your business office staff, speaking in the name of the facility and directing all cash to you. In addition to freeing up your staff, you see a significant lift in upfront cash flow.


Our implementation includes:

  • Proactive, outbound communication with your patients

  • A sophisticated dialer capable of making unlimited calls per day

  • Automated call recording of patient conversations

  • Customer service professionals, not debt collectors

  • Trained healthcare patient advocates

  • Patient counseling and education for account balance resolution

Our vast experience has taught us that soon after receiving medical treatments, patients are typically confused about what to do regarding billing statements that they receive. Our representatives talk the patients through the variety of resolution options available to them, such as the charity process, dealing with private insurers and government payers, self-pay discounts, etc.


Patients are empowered with information about their accounts, resulting in positive outcomes. Since all money is directed to the client facility, our transparent offsite efforts result in increased cash flow and positive customer service encounters with patients.


Third-Party Pre-Collect Recovery: This solution is designed to increase client cash flow prior to an account being written off or assigned to bad debt. At this early stage (typically in the 45 to 90 day range), we introduce our third-party billing entity (not a collection agency), mailing statements and generating thousands of telephone contact attempts per day.


Why is this solution so effective and valuable? Consider that:

  • Our third-party contact creates a heightened sense of urgency

  • Our customer representatives do not make money demands

  • Our representatives follow your charity discount installment payment guidelines

  • We offer many payment options (credit/debit cards, online, traditional paper, etc)

  • Patients experience positive customer service encounters

  • We record all of our calls

  • We educate patients as to the consequences of non-payment


We work with your patients in a professional and dignified manner; our goal is to resolve the accounts according to their merits, which does not always mean collecting money. Our representatives are healthcare experienced patient advocates, not debt collectors. Another healthy solution with a personal touch!

Bad Debt

For Primary Bad Debt Collections, our solution is designed to maximize cash-flow from your bad debt assignments to DRSI. Throughout our recovery process, we treat your patients responsibly and with the highest level of integrity. We understand the real life complexities faced by patients, especially during unfavorable economies. Through it all, we are patient advocates intent upon resolving problems as much as recovering money.

Features of the DRSI solution include:

  • Our Auto-predictive dialer which enables our staff to make thousands of contact attempts per day

  • Real-time payment posting and processing

  • Recording of all inbound and outbound calls

  • Real-time account verifications from within any client systems

  • Highly sophisticated ‘skip locating’ capabilities

  • Industry leading staff recruiting and training programs

  • Absolute compliance with all laws, rules and regulations governing our industry


As with all of our Solutions, we work with your patients in a professional and dignified manner. Our representatives are healthcare experienced patient advocates who utilize consistent practices in order to provide results. Another healthy solution with a personal touch!

Bad Debt

Assigning your bad debt accounts to a primary collection agency can only be expected to yield so much; industry averages indicate that primary collection agencies recover less than 20% of assigned balances. After 6 months or so with a primary collection agency, unresolved accounts begin to stockpile and lie dormant; there are only so many efforts that a debt collector can affect without generating complaints.

Our research has taught us that a viable practice is to assign accounts to a primary agency for approximately 6 months, and then recall non-resolved accounts and place them with a secondary agency. We have created our own secondary division specifically for handling second placement accounts.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • The new ‘secondary’ agency treats the accounts as new placements and begins a “fresh” recovery process

  • The patient has a window of opportunity to pay their account prior to it being credit reported again

  • With time, many patients are in improved financial condition and better able to honor their obligations

  • Primary agencies become more efficient and productive because they have a time defined window to resolve accounts.


DRSI360 is not the first agency to encourage clients to recall accounts and reassign them to secondary agencies, however, our many years of perfecting the process have met with great success. Some of our most successful clients utilize combinations of our programs in order to achieve their specific revenue goals. One more healthy solution with a personal touch!

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