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Serving Healthcare Clients Since 2001

Custom Designed Receivable Solutions

Patient-Centered and Client Focused Revenue Cycle Services

About DRSI

The DRSI360


As a Healthcare Provider, you may ask why DRSI is different from the other A/R management companies that exist in the market. First off, we work ONLY in Healthcare. More importantly we are REAL PEOPLE, as our long term clients will attest. The “real people” experience is felt in our partnership with your staff, as well as with your patients.

We understand how important physicians are to hospitals, and we know how important patients are to physicians. We understand that your patients are not intentionally delinquent. Patients do not intentionally incur medical bills and then avoid payment thereof. Sometimes, they are out of work for a period of time and/or are unable to work. This causes tremendous stress and often patients are uncharacteristically unable to pay many or all of their bills, including medical bills. Consequently, the way we approach our business is necessarily different.

We employ every means available and appropriate to contact your patients in order to assist them in resolving their particular financial situations. The difference is that we treat your patients the way that we would want to be treated, with the respect and the empathy that they deserve.

We get the job done, but we do it as advocates of your patients‘ best interest. We provide them with options - determining charity candidates, working out payment arrangements, and turning your A/R into paid accounts. Our representatives employ tactics and techniques to resolve these accounts, all the while providing the highest level of customer care in the industry.

Here’s what a current client had to say:

“I’ve been a PFS director for many years, and I’ve worked with many different A/R management firms. DRSI stands out as the company that I’ve felt most comfortable working with. I’ve met their people, from the top rungs down to the front line staff, and I can say that I even enjoy socializing with them. They do a great job and have been an excellent resource to our hospital.”

Modern Office

Our Team

At DRSI, our operating team is our family, and we simply cannot overemphasize their importance. Our average tenure among employees is well above the industry average. One of the driving forces of the founders, in creating a new and unique A/R management firm, was to find the best personnel the industry had to offer, and then treat them and reward them as they deserve. Our people are by far our greatest asset, and that is one of the reasons that you will find DRSI to be so different from the other firms in our industry. We have created a working environment where our staff enjoys coming to work. Our people are the best, and it shows. It’s our personal touch that you’ll feel, that’s the DRSI difference.

“Amber in customer service has often been my savior. She is so patient and is always there when I need her. She really is part of our team and is always a joy to work with” – Patient Billing Supervisor

“Of course I wasn’t happy about paying my bill almost a year after my hospital visit, but John helped me with a payment plan that allowed me to make good on what I owed. It could have been a really terrible experience, but John worked with me.” – Patient in collections

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